The Jester's Court

Denver's Best Improv Comedy Show!

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Denver's Best Live Improv Comedy

Denver, Colorado's critically acclaimed improv comedy show, live on stage!

The Jester's Court presents Denver with live entertainment unlike anything you've seen before. This show is completely unrehearsed, improvised, and made up off the top of our performers heads. Don't bring the whole family, leave the kids at home, and go out with adults for a night of drinks and uncensored live improv comedy! The stakes are high, the steaks are expensive, and the drinks are reasonably priced. Also, they don't serve steak anywhere we perform.

This show features guest comedians from across the country, and is based entirely off audience suggestions! Sit near the front and you might get pulled up on stage. Don't sit near the front and we'll probably still find ways to mess with you - no one is safe! Prizes, The Jester’s unconditional love, and frequently, nothing - will be given for audience participation. For the best night of live comedy you've ever experienced, check out The Jester’s Court – Denver, Colorado's #1 improv comedy show.